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This part of the site is being temporarily suspended due to time, supply, and resource problems resulting from  both the covid and the current “State of Affairs”.  This includes all sales are suspended until further notice.  It is hoped that things will change in the future because there are new open source designs nearing completion that will be posted if the current situation changes.  This is an OPEN SOURCE Site. Please feel free to explore and use whatever information is available.


Origins to this AURORASKY name;

Aurorasky is a name derived from the two words ‘Aurora’ and ‘sky’.  Aurora means “dawn” in Latin.  My daughter’s first name is Dawne.  Aurora was the ancient Roman equivalent of Eos the goddess of sunrise.  Eos is the linguistic equivalent to Vedic Sanskrit ‘Ushas’ a goddess of dawn.  The derivatives are endless and appropriate to my endeavors in promoting health and energy from our electric and magnetically energized universe.  Sky is associated with the heaven above and where this abundance is believed to come from.  Together the words can represent the ‘Source’ and is where my story starts from.   gsk

Open Source Advocacy;

Aurorasky is in the middle of approximately 20 different ongoing projects.  The projects are all Open Source endeavors that have produced several interesting devices.  Although I will build and sell working reproductions of what I design, the source documentation will be available for anyone that wishes to build their own units.  I only ask that you keep the open source origins of this work open source.

Marketing Philosophy;

Whatever I sell is for profit and to support my endeavors.  Some of the projects will be extremely easy to duplicate while others will require special skills.  It is believed that many of my first time sales will be one time sales from people who want to have a single working unit or a model before making their own units.  Others sales will come from the fact that certain software and hardware skills are too much work for some and direct purchase will be an appropriate route to take.  Nothing is casted in concrete here and additional ideas are welcome. Whatever works for you could possibly work!

General Goals;

It is believed that somewhere in the recesses of my mind there is a breakthrough idea or device that will change many people’s lives for the better.  The internet offers a medium that can change what would have only been a concept into something that is real.  It takes getting started and actually doing something to start a snowball effect.  Very light flurries have just started to fall here in Vermont.  gsk 10-16-13

Latest Significant Developments;

The latest developments are the NEW 4 Channel Generator and the complimenting NEW 6” Plasma Ball. Go to the “Projects” webpage to check out the new devices.  Startup Date will be 08-03-21.  Be well and respectfully, Steve


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