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This Section of the Website is allocated to a networking effort for individuals interested in becoming a resource for others.  This is a nonprofit grass roots effort to support both Aurorasky and the local community that Aurorasky was founded in.  Presently, access to this website networking thread or pages is by invitation only.  If you are interested in knowing more read the following that will serve as a beginning description of this effort.

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Because people's income and resources are going to be impacted significantly by what is going on, it was thought a good idea to try and establish a local source of people that could help one another.  A local newspaper ad was placed with the intent to help my family and others find a way to get things done that need to be done via the generation of a local networking list of resources.


Presently one can still go to the supermarket and pretty much buy whatever is needed in the way of food.  This might not always be the case in the future.  I have 22 acres with about 3 acres cleared just waiting to be used for more gardens.  Many others in town and nearby do not have this resource available.  I could potentially offer up gardening plots to those that are willing to help others with useful talents in gardening or other areas.

Presently I have some immediate needs requiring some electronic assembly talent, some software skills, along with some basic carpentry trim work and bathroom tile work needs as well.  I normally do these things myself, but my website and research efforts has me working overtime so I’ll pay for help if it can be found.

Home schooling is going to become extremely important and a potential requirement need for my grandchildren and others. Trained educators would be a wonderful addition to this networking effort.

The list of how shared talents can help one another is endless and this is an attempt to start a grass roots effort to help the local community and could possibly expand to a statewide networking scheme.

It is suspected others will have other requirements and along with some brain storming could result in a real helpful community service idea that has not been thought of --- Yet!  This effort is not for financial gain and is personal only with respect to fixing my karma. J

If there is an interest in pursuing this with suggestions or an interest to get involved, send an email via the blue contact button.

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