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Energy Collector Circuit 12-21-14

The age old dream is to design a free energy machine that runs itself with enough left over to provide energy to other devices.  Other devices can range from flashlights to airconditioners with heating, pumps, refrigeration, power tools, computers and a host of other gagets in between.

The Energy Collector is a critical componet of such a dream machine because it collects electricity regardless of voltage level (within reasonable limits), and allows you to store the energy in a battery.  Obviously once the energy source is in a battery, you then have off-the-shelf technology to run just about any electrical device imaginable.

The easiest source by which to acquire this energy is of course the ether.  The trick is to devise a technique that will capture this free energy and either make it immediately available for use or store it.  The Energy Collector does both once the pulses are provided.  It uses a common battery or Super Caps for storage and it can collect and deliver energy at the same time.

The easiest way to get an understanding of how this unit works is to look at the Collector Circuit schematic while reading the Theory of Operation PDF.  Then of course you can watch the videos that will shortly be attached and see the Energy Collector in action.  I have chosen to use the Bedini SGC wheel as one of the demonstration sources of a magnetic field collapse used to charge a battery.  Although the SGC does not run forever off itself, it does beautifully demonstrate a closed loop system in action.

It has been thought that the Energy Collector with the help of an RF detector could capture radio waves and electrical potential differences caused by storms and atmospheric gradients.  It remains to be seen exactly how much can be realistically collected.

There is however a real power house of free and capturable energy in both a dipole and long wire antenna in conjunction with earth ground.  It is a technique used back in the old telegraph days to recharge the batteries use to run the telegraph system.  Several related type of techniques are included below.

The last and probably the most powerful source of free energy is nudging the ether to self organize the quantum flux through the collapse of a magnetic field in a torroid or creating self organization through use of a plasma generation technique. Of course this is easier said then done, but it is my belief that it has been done many times by others and is a suppress technology.

In closing I would like to suggest you check out the pictures and links below.  There will be videos to follow!  I built and proven the unit works beyond my wildest expectations.  That means I’m very excited and happy with the results.  For those of you that wanted a Bedini type  capacitive circuit for the SCG, here you go with with everything right down to a PCB layout.  It is my belief the Energy Collector is far better and easier to use than anything presently published as OPEN SOURCE.  Enjoy and happy energy project development.


Circuit Topside

Circuit Backside

LED Showing Discharge


Energy Collector Schematic.pdf            Energy Collector Theory of Operation.pdf         Energy Collector PCB Layout.pdf

 http://www.angelfire.com/ak5/energy21/capacitorcharger.htm  http://www.zetatalk.com/energy/tengx084.htm


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