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Internet Surveillance Blocker the (ISB)

* Fabrication Cost $12.00, *  Available for Order,  * YouTube Video Link -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvav9GNeNgs

A way to explain what an ‘Internet Surveillance Blocker’ is would be to tell one of the stories about Amazon ‘Echo’ (Alexa).   The police in Bentonville, Arkansas recently issued a warrant for Amazon to provide them with voice recordings, transcripts and other information captured by one of Amazon’s ‘Echo’ units, ’The Information’ reported. Investigators wanted to use that information to make their case against a murder suspect who allegedly strangled a companion a year ago.

Of course there is the new Google ‘Home’ which is very similar to Alexa.  It listens for a wakeup command from the user and then can answer almost any question that is asked of it.

A good question to ask either of these devices would be to ask if they spy on you.  The YouTube video’s regarding this question are very revealing!  It is suggested you view a few of them to get the answer.

Then there is MagicJack, your own computer, your android, Kindle or smart phone to name only a few of the devices that potentially could also be monitoring you.

The ‘Internet Surveillance Blocker’ is a switch placed inline on a 5 foot category 5e Internet cable, that will disable the Internet transmit line coming from any device it is connected to.  Connect the switch between your computer and router, and with a flip of a switch nothing will be transmitted out the Internet line from your computer.  Connect the switch between your router and the incoming Internet line and everything connected to the router will be stopped from going out to the World Wide Web!  Once connected a simple flip of a switch enables or disables your Internet transmit line.

The ‘Internet Surveillance Blocker’ is simple and easy to connect with the provided coupler.  100% assuredness that anything you don’t want to leak out over your Internet connection will stay at your home or office whenever you want the security of knowing your privacy is to be maintained at the 100% level.

One last note: Had trouble deciding on a name, the ‘Internet Surveillance Blocker or Buster’ are the same.

Internet Surveillance Buster

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