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                                                         NEW MONO and BIFILAR Coils


* Fabrication Cost $109.00 and $149.00 respectively. * Designed as both Magnetic Wave and High Power Magnetic Pulse delivery devices.  * Will work with function generators like the Spooky2, FY2300, GaeaWave, or Rife technologies with a frequency generation source.


Coils are used to generate complex magnetic waves, scalar or longitudinal waves, and extremely strong magnetic pulses.  These coils were developed as a replacement for two previous coil designs; the MAG and Vortex Coils.

They were designed to be use with function generators or frequency sources as mentioned in the Highlights above and to be used with the High Powered PEMF unit.  (High Powered PEMF)

As a Rife delivery device these coils are non-contact magnetic field generators when used with a frequency source.  A single coil lays down a circular magnetic wave front, radiating outward from the coil face and can be measured with a meter like the Trifield 100XE meter.  A simple Spooky2 or FY2300 unamplified 3000 Hz  signwave delivers 100 milligauze at 8 inches. The Trifield maximum scale reading is 100 milligauze. When using an amplifier with the Spooky2, pegging the meter at 2 feet is easily accomplished.  This range can be further extended when two synchronized coils are placed out of phase so the north and south fields pull at one another.

When operated in the ‘Inverse Sync’ mode on a two channel generator, like the FY2300 or Spooky2, the BIFILAR Coil can produce very intense opposing waves resulting in a standing wave.  Thus the BIFILAR Coil is a powerful scalar wave delivery device.  With a ‘Polarity Reverser’ and the Spooky2 Boost, even stronger standing waves can be generated.  NOTE: The Spooky2 Boost must be used with a ‘Polarity Reverser’ to support this scalar wave voltage doubling feature.

Either the MONO or BIFILAR Coil can generate intense magnetic pulses when used with the PEMF Bob Beck style device or AURORASKY’s new High Powered PEMF.   Both coil designs consists of approximately 180 feet of 12 gauge wire winding.  The BIFILAR Coil has a parallel 18 gauge wire offering capabilities unique to a bifilar coil.  The inner diameter of the coils measure 6.5 inches.  Both the OD and coil side width vary somewhat based on wire type, insulation type, and number wires in the winding,.

Coil Considerations:

Both Coils RUN / WORK with all the Spooky protocols that previously used the TENS Pads, Hand Grips, PEMF Coil, and Remotes.  Electric fields are replaced with magnetic fields and in many cases can be more effective than electric fields.  Scaler waves are generated in the same way the Spooky Remotes generate scalar wave when employing a BIFILAR Coil.  Finger nail clippings from a hand or foot can be placed in the 6.5” diameter coil core center.  All infrared, ultraviolet, and LED protocols can be replaced with a magnetic waves delivery device like the Mono or Bifilar Coils using the same protocols and “Frequency Limit” feature of the Spooky Software.

The Coils are tightly wrapped with PVC tape to help eliminate wire vibration.  There is a 330 ohm resistor placed in each leg of the coil adapter cable to allow direct connection to the function generator outputs.   The resistors are in the RCA phono to AC plug adapters cables.  When using the coil as a PEMF delivery device it will barely get warm with a PEMF Bob Beck Style unit.  With the High Powered PEMF the coil get comfortably warm after 10 minutes of use, to mildly hot after 20 to 30 minutes use.  Depending how the coil is connected, series or parallel connections, will change the ohmic and inductance values.

Coil Fabrication cost is $109.00 for the MONO Coil and $149.00 for the BIFILAR Coil.  Use the Blue ‘Contact Button’ on the left side of this page for more information.

NOTE:    MAG Coil PDFs are relevant with the exception of the physical dimensions.

New Coil Design

New Coil Design

New Bifilar Coil

New Bifilar Coil

New Mono Coil

New Mono Coil

New Winder

New Winder

MAGnetic to Scalar Switch

MAGnetic to Scalar Switch

Video Links

Powerful Bifilar Coil Video #1

Old MAG to New Bifllar Comparison 1

Old MAG to New Bifilar Comparison 2

New Bifilar Connections to Spooky2

1 Building A Coil - Winding Machine Basics

2 Building A Coil - Coil Winding

3 Building A Coil - Coil Taping

4 Building A Coil - Final Wiring (coming)

Bifilar Coil Connections & Magnetic vs Scalar Waves

Bifilar Coil & Switch Connection and Configurations



Magnetic and Scaler Wave Schematics

Simple Bifilar MAG Coil to Spooky2 Connections.pdf

Bifilar Magnetic to Scalar Switch Info.pdf

Bifilar Magnetic to Scalar Switch Schematic.pdf

MAGnetic Coil Connection Types.pdf


Spooky2 Presets

Schumann 7.83 Solfeggio 528 Magnetic Mode

Schumann 7.83 Solfeggio 528 Scalar Mode

DNA Repair Magnetic

DNA Repair Scalar


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