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* Fabrication Cost $45.00 Single Channel  and $65.00 Dual Channel * Frequency Response 1 Hz to 80 KHz * Royal Raymond Rife Electric Field type Delivery Device * Deliveries start 1 week from posting date with limited quantities available available before Christmas


The Plasma Ball is an Electric Field delivery device similar to most plasma tubes or plasma bulbs used for Rife Beam Ray plasma emulation units.  It generates an electric field that can be directly modulated from most modern function generators.  Two common function generators used in development of this project are the FeelTech FY3200 and the Spooky2.  Today’s modern functions generators can be commonly controlled through either computer software or manual controls on the generator.

There two versions of this low cost Plasma Ball.  A single channel version is mostly used with a software driven function generator such as the Spooky2.  Software will allow a string of frequencies to modulate the plasma for various script protocols.  A two channel version is offered to allow hardware gating of the primary frequency if software is not available to do this function.  As an example; if channel 1 from the function generator was set to a frequency of 528 Hz and connected to channel 1 of the plasma ball, channel 2 from the function generator could be used to modulate channel2 of the plasma ball at a secondary frequency of 7.83 Hz.  This would result in the plasma ball firing at the Solfeggio DNA repair frequency of 528 and being turned on and off at the Schumann resonance frequency of 7.83 times a second.

Some simple running basics are to trigger the Plasma Ball with a square wave, provide at least +5 volts as the trigger level, (amplitude level), and keep the ‘Duty Cycle’ below 35%.

The ‘Duty Cycle’ is a very important parameter to be set for the primary channel, channel 1 on the Plasma Ball.  This newer version of the Plasma Ball circuit has a temperature switch added to prevent overdriving the power transistor.  This transistor generates the high voltage needed to ionize the helium-neon gas inside the Plasma Ball.  The duty cycle should not be set any higher than 35% to help keep the transistor from failing.  The temperature switch will completely shut the plasma down and stop generating the electric field should the transistor get to hot.  The shutdown temperature is 90 degrees centigrade or 194 degrees Fahrenheit.  It can take 30 seconds or longer for the transistor to cool down and have the temperature switch restore normal operation.  No damage will result but interruption of the running protocol is not normally a desired running parameter.  For Spooky2 users a Preset Script file will be added below to help eliminate this potential concern.  There is a ‘Duty Cycle Setting.PDF’ available below to help act as guide to setting up this parameter.  

The Plasma Ball can be tested by simply setting the wave form to a 'Square Wave' (SqW) ‘Frequency’ of 25 KHz (25,000 cycles), ‘Amplitude’ to 10 volts, ‘Offset’ to +100, ‘Duty Cycle’ to 25%, and ignore the ‘Phase’ setting.  You will see the Birkeland Currents streaming within the Plasma Ball.  Different frequencies will give you different visuals effects.  The frequencies below 1 KHz (1000 cycles) per second will be much dimmer.  Frequencies below 100 hertz can only be seen in the dark.  Regardless of what can be seen visually, the strength of the Electric Field is defined in the ‘Duty Cycle Setting.PDF’ file.  30 cm is approximately equal to 1 foot.  A value of 20 volts per meter declines in accordance with the ‘Square Of The Distance Law’.  This means it will be of 20 at 2 feet, which is 5 volts/meter and 1/9 of 20 at 3 feet, which is approximately 2.2 volts/meter.

It is not only the strength of the field, but the frequency of the field that performs the desired task.  In general the Plasma Ball can be hundreds of times more powerful than a Scalar Wave devices.  This is approaching the power of direct contact devices like the ‘Hand Grips' or ‘TENS Pads’ with the advantage of being a non-contact delivery device.  The Plasma Ball can also be a shock free direct contact device, far exceeding the power of many other types of direct contact devices.  If used by placing a hand(s) on a Plasma Ball or placing the Plasma Ball directly in contact with a selected position on your body, it is advisable to keep your exposure to less than 6 minutes.  The 'Square Of The Distance Law’ works in reverse as well.  That 20 volts/meter used in the example above turns into hundreds of volts/meter when in direct contact.  Albeit the Electric Field is in micro amps, it still is a very powerful field.  In one article I read, Rife only exposed his patients for 6 minutes or less when using his Beam Ray Tube.

Evaluating the Plasma Ball without the Software can be very educational.  You can change values on the fly for a given frequency and watch the effect in the plasma streams or Birkeland Currents.  A general rule of the thumb is the more energetic looking the Birkeland Currents are the more powerful the Electric Field is.


Single Channel

Single Channel

1 and 2 Channel

1 and 2 Channel

Spooky2 Controller

Spooky2 Controller

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Generated Plasmas

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